In Angren, a plant for the production of polymeric composite gas cylinders for liquefied petroleum gases of JV LLC UNG ECONN was commissioned to provide the population of Uzbekistan with liquefied gas and to export gas cylinders outside the Republic.

The enterprise is organized according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 16, 2015 No. PP-2432 dated December 23, 2015 No. PP-2697 and Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 27, 2017 No. PKM-110 on the implementation of the Organization of Production of Composite cylinders for liquefied gas "which was completed by construction and commissioning in November 2018 and is engaged in the production of polymer-composite gas cylinders for liquefied gas based on polyethylene pellets from the Ustyurt and Shurtan gas-chemical complex.

The capacity of the enterprise is 120 thousand pieces of finished products per year. The raw materials for this product are polyethylene granules supplied by the Shurtan and Ustyurt gas chemical complexes.

The production process is carried out by extrusion.

Manufactured products are explosion-proof.

The cylinder has a safety valve that is triggered by an increase in the internal pressure (2.7 MPa) in the cylinder.

The plant is equipped with two extrusion lines HAITIAN 2000II and HAITIAN 9000 II organized on the basis of complete equipment of the company "GUANGDONG LIANSU MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD" China.

Extrusion lines are intended for kneading plastic polyethylene granules of low density with subsequent extrusion and forming external cases for cylinders from it. When polyethylene granules are loaded into the bunker, a red inorganic dye is added to it.

For the production of an internal cylindrical capsule (liner), the plant is equipped with an extrusion blow molding machine AVTO BLOW MOLDING organized on the basis of "DAECHANG MACHINERY IND. CO., Ltd", the production of Korea.

This machine is designed for kneading high density polyethylene granules followed by extrusion and molding liners from it.